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Digital Marketing Audits



The Importance of Digital Marketing Audits

Digital marketing is an essential part of your outreach strategy. It is the sum total of your digital efforts to keep your company visible online, viable, relevant, engaging and attracting the new business you need in order to keep growing. It’s a constant effort that rewards the faithful, providing measured results and proving its ROI through quantifiable results. To do this strategically effective, a digital marketing audit is in order. In this competitive industry the need for a professional, independent evaluation or an audit is compulsary.


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You have only 10 seconds to introduce your products offline or online and capture customers attention. In the shop or on the web online, Product or Services offered gets no more than 5 seconds of attention. 80% of decisions are taken while standing beside the shelf or at first sight.

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Mumbai Media Studio's management team, have evolved ways to evaluate digital marketing work. We conduct evaluation based on  your business  and market analysis of business segment starting from your website, your ad campaigns and other online work done to date, are placed in  well-accepted international standards.

We offer this service in the form of audit reports.

When we conduct a website audit at Mumbai Media Studio. it is primarily focused closely on the user’s experience. Like every professional audit, it begins with discovering what is the goal for your brands website.


In our website audits we evaluate the content, design,user experience, user interactive, technical coding and strategy. Each of these areas consists of multiple factors.

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We closely go through all your advertising campaigns particularly  pay-per-click advertising. We audit to find out how your current campaigns are performing and how you can  find ways to enhance their performance with better ROI.

Mumbai Media Studio’s digital experts look at the campaign settings and structure and evaluate the type of campaign that’s running, the time of day ads are serving, and multiple campaign metrics such as  impression share, click-through rate, average position, conversion rate, etc.

We provide with reports how campaigns can be optimized.

Mumbai Media Studio’s social media marketing experts define specific goals for client campaigns as a first step. Then  analyze the client’s current social media footprint.  We evaluate on  which platforms have they created a community? How are they engaging? With what voice and how often?

Reports are provided whether the stated goals meet  with the platforms, voice, and creative style currently being employed.  Determine assess how the social communities are moving from the top of the marketing funnel  campaign to the bottom.



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Designing Your Dream.
Creating Our Vision.

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Marketing Collateral DESIGN
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We design stunning conveyable content via your corporate company profile or product brochures, flyers, sales collaterals.

Our designs can be converted to Dynamic PDFs that sell your brand effectively and can be easily uploaded to your website and mailed directly to your prospective clients.

Marketing Collateral Design services:- Through our attractive communication presentation skills you can acquire the attention of prospective clients through effective and powerful well Mumbai Media Studio designed sales presentations.

We will demonstrate how to quickly turn ideas, words, and data into clean, compelling infographics that make complex information accessible. Mumbai Media Studio delivers visuals that communicate complex of information simplified in a way that the target audience can understand easily.

“Your Design Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love”



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