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We combine design craftsmanship with innovative thinking and deliver total solutions on a worldwide scale to the corporates customized and tailored to their requirements with our partner Display House .We’ve been supporting trade show exhibitors, launching and exhibiting stunning brands and making clients happy for years.

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Want to Outsource Trade Show Booth Design & Fabrication?

 Turnkey reliable experiences and trade show support solutions for international clients.
For our Projects we collaborate with independent creatives to optimize & create outstanding results. We can be your Indian Trade Show Fabricator


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You have only 10 seconds to introduce your products offline or online and capture customers attention. In the shop or on the web online, Product or Services offered gets no more than 5 seconds of attention. 80% of decisions are taken while standing beside the shelf or at first sight.

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It’s the first thing attendees see. What impression will you make? That of a worthy business partner or that of a cut-rate vendor? At trade shows, you’re asking for business. Set the tone and make an impact with a quality brand presentation.
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We know graphics.We are always on the leading edge of printing technology and uses durable materials specially produced for our designs. Our graphic technicians will make your brand look its very best.
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Exhibits are designed to adapt to your changing needs from show to show, year over year. And you can seamlessly add to your exhibit as your company grows. You get what you pay for it
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Transform your brand into a larger-than-life event for attendees and staff with creative architecture, bold graphics and interactive elements. We and our associates can help with all aspects of your memorable experience.Get the exhibit that’s right for you.
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Teams & Associates of Mumbai Media Studio are well trained & experienced. Your success is always our goal and greatest reward. However, we also appreciate the recognition we receive for both our exhibit design and product design.
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Reduce your designing, shipping,, storage costs. A study proves that well designed & optimized custom exhibits are inexpensive than traditional modular exhibits, saving thousands show after show.

Trade Show Collaterals

We can create excellent customized trade show booth for you, design and print graphics for your existing displays, or provide accessories such as banner stands and tabletop displays.

With our vast experience  designing incredible trade show graphics we can help your booth become the talk of the exhibition.

For your next Major Indian Exhibition Events like CPHI, Plast India, Indian Jewellery Show you can outsource the entire turnkey project to us we can act as your Indian Trade Show Fabrication Partner.


Trade Show Design Services

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”Creativity and professionalism through all the process Mumbai Media Studio team were a pleasure to work with, it was over all my expectations”   Jetset Marketing Inc


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